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As a depressant your body eventually relies on to function, alcohol can become an addiction that destroys personal and professional relationships. At some point, the brain stops generating certain chemicals that mimic the reaction alcohol provides, which forces addicts to become highly dependent on the depressant drug. Unless you complete an alcohol detox program in San Diego, withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, intense headaches, and even an irregular heartbeat demonstrate how the body struggles to cope without alcohol in your system.

Many alcoholics are concerned about suffering from alcohol withdrawal symptoms when considering implementing a strategy that helps them live an alcohol-free lifestyle. To minimize the mental and physical duress that often accompanies alcohol withdrawal, completing an alcohol detox program in a San Diego facility can help you recapture a healthy lifestyle while minimizing the adverse effects of alcohol withdrawal.

What is Alcohol Withdrawal?

Heavily drinking alcohol daily for a few weeks can produce negative mental and physical issues that develop because you suddenly stop consuming the depressant drug. The adverse side effects can range from minor to highly serious depending on the consumption habit before implementing a strategy to stop drinking.

As an effective depressant, alcohol significantly decreases the brain’s functioning capabilities because of the depressant drug’s impact on the nerves that send electrical signals throughout the rest of the body. After the passing of a few weeks, the central nervous system adapts to having alcohol run through the bloodstream, which means the body has to work harder to keep the nerves communicating with each other.

When an alcoholic stops drinking, the body works even harder to keep the body in the same mental and physical state, which produces the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. If you have decided to stop drinking, an alcohol detox program can help you cope with withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol Detox In San Diego
Alcohol Detox In San Diego

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What are the symptoms of Alcohol Withdrawal

The symptoms of alcohol withdrawal range from minor to life-threatening, depending on the type of alcohol usedisorder that you suffer from.

For example, if you drank heavily for several years before deciding to stop, your alcohol withdrawal symptoms should be much more intense than if you enrolled in an alcohol detox program to treat a milder dependence on the depressant drug.

Detoxing from heavy alcohol use can trigger tremors that quickly develop into full-blown seizures. The worst alcohol withdrawal symptoms for heavy drinkers also include significant memory loss and extreme hallucination events.

Milder symptoms of alcohol detox for residents of San Diego can include headaches, anxiety, and insomnia. Your body also might generate nausea and constant perspiration. However, the milder symptoms of alcohol detox pale in comparison to the alcohol withdrawal symptoms experienced by a heavy drinker.

What is the Timeline for Alcohol Detox?

The timeline for alcohol detox for our San Diego patients depends on the extent of alcohol dependency. An alcoholic who drinks heavily daily might experience withdrawal symptoms as quickly as a couple of hours after consuming the last drink. Although the most intense symptoms of alcohol withdrawal diminish after around one week, milder symptoms can remain for up to one year for the heaviest drinkers.

After the first 12 hours of detox, the withdrawal symptoms are typically mild, but they quickly get worse before the end of day one. You might feel a wide variety of physical symptoms, including headaches and shaking. The most painful physical symptoms continue into the second day of alcohol detox and, for the most serious cases of alcoholism, including acute memory loss and frequent violent seizures.

As a patient progresses through the next several days, the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal diminish in intensity and develop less often. For even the most severe cases of alcoholism, the withdrawal symptoms eventually turn milder. However, the most serious cases of alcoholism produce milder withdrawal symptoms that last from several months to more than one year.

How Are Alcohol Detox Symptoms Treated at an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility?

Patients who suffer from the most intense and prolonged alcohol withdrawal symptoms benefit from treatment programs administered at an inpatient rehabilitation facility. During alcohol detox at an inpatient rehabilitation facility, the healthcare provider managing the treatment program might use medication to ensure a patient’s body produces a chemical balance that minimizes serious symptoms.


Naltrexone decreases the impulse to consume alcohol in the first stage of recovery from withdrawal. Alcoholics who relapse into the drinking lifestyle also benefit from taking naltrexone because the drug diminishes the depressant feeling frequently associated with consuming alcohol. Patients that enter an alcohol detox center in San Diego should wait between seven and ten days before making naltrexone a part of a withdrawal prevention program.


Also referred to as benzo, benzodiazepine treats alcohol withdrawal symptoms by slowing down the central nervous system. The drug is available in two forms, which treat either short-term or long-term alcohol withdrawal symptoms. Longer-term versions of the drug require consumption for at least three consecutive days after the alcohol detox process has started.


Heavy drinkers that consume alcohol for years often experience a dramatic alteration in the brain’s operation. For the most severe cases of alcohol withdrawal, acamprosate can prevent the development of the most intense alcohol withdrawal symptoms, such as insomnia and acute anxiety. The drug is also effective at minimizing the alcohol cravings experienced by patients that suffer from the worst cases of alcoholism.


Prescribing disulfiram is usually done for the worst cases of alcoholism. The medication generates a severe reaction in patients that continue to consume alcohol. Negative side effects deter alcoholics from continuing their destructive alcohol consumption patterns.

Make Alcohol Detox in San Diego a Priority

Alcoholism destroys personal relationships and takes a toll on your career. When you enroll in our alcohol detox program at the Detox Center of San Diego, you have taken the first and most important step towards returning to a life of sobriety. Because of the mental and health benefits of sobriety, deciding where to enroll in an alcohol detox program should not be taken lightly.

Working with one of the licensed and certified therapists at our San Diego clinic can start your journey toward living an alcohol-free lifestyle.


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