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What is Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) ?

According to research, men and women use drugs in different ways, have different reactions to substances, and even respond to treatment differently. According to a National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) study, men are more likely than women to abuse illicit substances and misinterpret prescribed medications.

Furthermore, men are more likely than women to visit the emergency department or die from an overdose or illicit drug use. If you are a man struggling with addiction, an all-male recovery clinic may be the best option.

The medication element of treating alcohol and opiate abuse significantly curtails patients’ cravings for consuming either drug.

Without having to feel harmful withdrawal symptoms, patients pay more attention to the behavioral therapy part of the recovery program. Certified therapists customize MAT therapy to match the circumstances experienced by patients.

For example, one patient might have to concentrate more on minimizing extreme withdrawal symptoms, while another can handle detox but requires more attention to changing negative behavioral patterns.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In San Diego
Medication-Assisted Treatment In San Diego

We provide a safe, comfortable, and effective environment to our patients.

How Do I Know if I Quality for MAT?

At Detox Center of San Diego, we consider various factors to determine eligibility for MAT therapy:

Type of Substance Use

MAT is often recommended for individuals dealing with opioid and alcohol use disorders. Medications such as methadone, buprenorphine, and naltrexone have shown success in reducing cravings and withdrawal symptoms associated with these substances.

Medical History

Your medical history plays a crucial role in assessing eligibility. Individuals with certain medical conditions or allergies may require careful consideration when prescribing medications. Our healthcare professionals conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure your safety and well-being.

Previous Treatment Attempts

If you’ve attempted other forms of treatment without achieving the desired results, MAT may be a viable option. It’s particularly beneficial for those struggling with the chronic and relapsing nature of addiction.

Individualized Assessment

MAT therapy is highly individualized. Our experienced healthcare team considers your unique circumstances, mental health, and any co-occurring disorders to tailor a treatment plan that addresses your specific needs.

Desire for Change

Your willingness and commitment to embracing positive change are essential. MAT therapy is most effective when individuals actively engage in the treatment process, including counseling and support services.

Open Communication

Clear and open communication with our healthcare professionals is crucial. Discussing your substance use history, treatment goals, and any concerns you may have will help us determine the most suitable approach for your recovery.

What is MAT Therapy Used For?

Although MAT therapy is most often used for alcohol and opiate addictions, the dual-approach treatment program also curtails the harmful withdrawal symptoms triggered by addiction to other banned substances.


Medication-assisted therapy is highly effective at minimizing the harmful withdrawal symptoms associated with alcohol abuse. By taking the right prescribed amount of a MAT therapy drug, a patient suffering from an alcohol addiction can decrease or even eliminate harmful

symptoms such as nausea, insomnia, shivering, and acute anxiety. Although the adverse symptoms associated with alcohol detox are not considered life-threatening, they frequently disrupt the development of a patient’s personal and professional relationships.

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One of the most popular uses of medication-assisted therapy is treating the severe withdrawal symptoms of opiate abuse. Opiate abuse has become a national tragedy, as many addicts cannot stop using the drug. The result is a dramatic increase in the number of overdoses

and fatalities. MAT therapy helps an opiate addict handle detox without developing severe symptoms like tremors and a rapid heart rate.

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Detoxing from stimulant drugs such as cocaine and methamphetamine can lead to harmful symptoms, which negatively impact mental health. When a patient stops using a stimulant, the result can be mental health issues, including anxiety and depression. MAT therapy is

used for stimulant detoxification to prevent the development of mental health issues.

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Opiate Dependence Medications

Three FDA-approved drugs also form the medications used for treating opiate addiction. Naltrexone has the same effect on an opiate abuse patient as an alcohol abuse patient. The other two drugs, methadone, and buprenorphine, effectively minimize the harmful and

sometimes dangerous withdrawal symptoms that develop during opiate detoxification. The FDA considers both drugs to be safe for years or even a lifetime to prevent recurrences of opiate abuse.

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Alcohol Dependence

Just three medications have received approval by the FDA for use in MAT therapy to treat an alcohol addiction. Naltrexone works because the drug blocks opioid receptors, which in turn decreases the effects of alcohol. Eventually, the MAT therapy drug eliminates the craving to

consume alcohol. Disulfiram represents the first MAT therapy drug approved by the FDA, and it is considered a drug of last resort because of its purpose. If a MAT therapy patient consumes alcohol while taking disulfiram, the patient experiences an intense, adverse physical reaction. Acamprosate is the most recent drug approved by the FDA for MAT therapy. The drug reduces some physical and emotional distress associated with alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

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Getting Medication Assisted Treatment MAT in San Diego, CA

Medication-assisted treatment started as an emergency intervention to reduce the severe side effects of detoxification. After years of fine-tuning MAT therapy, the treatment program has emerged as one of the most effective strategies to wean a patient off dangerous drugs. To learn more about Medicated Assisted Treatment in San Diego, CA, contact the Detox Center of San Diego.

Medication-Assisted Treatment In San Diego