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Understanding DXM: The Over-the-Counter Hallucinogen Popular Among Teens


Dextromethorphan, commonly known as DXM, has emerged as a significant concern among parents, healthcare providers, and educators due to its popularity as a recreational drug among teenagers. Originally approved by the FDA in 1958, DXM is found in over 70 over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medications, designed to suppress coughing safely and effectively when used […]

Unraveling the Types of Addiction: Chemical and Behavioral Dependencies

Types Of Addiction

In the realm of health and well-being, understanding the intricacies of addiction is paramount. Addiction manifests in two primary forms: chemical and behavioral. This comprehensive exploration delves into these types, highlighting the nuances and treatment approaches to offer insights for individuals seeking knowledge or assistance. Chemical Addictions: A Deep Dive Chemical addictions, often known as […]

The Ultimate Guide to Co-Parenting with a Drug Addict

Co-Parenting With A Drug Addict

Co-parenting with a drug addict presents unique challenges that require a blend of resilience, understanding, and strategic planning. This comprehensive guide aims to equip you with the necessary tools and insights to navigate the complexities of such a co-parenting arrangement, ensuring the well-being of your child remains paramount. Understanding the Emotional and Legal Terrain Co-parenting […]

Understanding Fentanyl: Effects, Addiction, and Treatment Options

Understanding Fentanyl

In recent years, the opioid epidemic has become a significant public health concern, with Fentanyl emerging as a potent and dangerous player in this crisis. This synthetic opioid, originally developed for managing severe pain, has gained notoriety due to its high potency and the increasing rates of addiction and overdose. In this comprehensive guide, we […]

Alcohol and Inflammation: Unveiling the Hidden Connection

Alcohol And Inflammation

Ah, the world of spirits and libations, where stories are born and laughter is often louder than reason. But, my friend, have you ever pondered the intricate dance between alcohol and inflammation? Welcome to a journey through the physiological symphony that unfolds within our bodies, a tale that intertwines the spirited merriment of libations with […]

Gabapentin Addiction: Navigating the Fine Line Between Use and Misuse

Gabapentin Addiction

In a world where pharmaceuticals promise relief and comfort, the thin line between use and misuse can be alarmingly subtle. The tale of Gabapentin, a medication primarily designed to alleviate nerve pain, has taken a twist down a winding road where its potential for misuse has become a growing concern. As we embark on this […]

Overcoming Addiction: What Can I Do If I Am Addicted?

Dcsd Detox Center Of San Diego

Addiction can be an incredibly difficult battle to face alone. Whether you are struggling with substance abuse, gambling, social media, or any other form of addiction, it’s important to understand that you are not alone. Many individuals have faced similar challenges and have successfully overcome their addictions. In this article, we will discuss practical steps […]

Dos and Don’ts When Your Partner Is Struggling with Addiction

Dcsd Detox Center Of San Diego

Being in a relationship with someone who uses drugs or alcohol may cause you to experience your own difficult feelings. Loving someone and watching them navigate something over which you have no control can cause a lot of fear and pain. Even if the person is going through changes that affect their mood and behavior, […]

Types of Addictions

Dcsd Detox Center Of San Diego

There are three types of addiction: substance, drug, and behavioral. You can be dependent on a substance such as alcohol or drugs, but also on medications such as pain relievers or anti-anxiety medications. Behavioral addictions, like gambling or sex, involve the compulsive performance of a specific behavior. More information about these three types of addiction […]

The Technology Addiction Connection

The Impact Of Technology Addiction

The overuse of technology and addiction have become an increasingly alarming concern in recent years. Addiction is a complex disease that affects millions of people worldwide, and technology has made it easier for individuals to engage in addictive behaviors. Addiction to technology can take various forms, such as video games, social media, and online gambling. […]

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