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Healthy vs Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms: Navigating the Maze of Recovery

Healthy Vs Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms

In the rollercoaster ride of life, everyone faces challenges. For some, the journey includes battling addiction, a formidable opponent that demands not just physical but mental resilience. At Detox Center of San Diego, we recognize the significance of coping mechanisms in this battle – the tools and strategies individuals employ to navigate the twists and […]

Unhealthy & Healthy Coping Mechanisms: Navigating Life’s Challenges

Dcsd Detox Center Of San Diego

At Detox Center of San Diego, we understand that the journey to recovery from addiction is filled with challenges that can be overwhelming. Coping with these challenges is a critical part of the healing process. Coping mechanisms can either support recovery, providing strength and resilience or hinder it, leading to further harm. Unhealthy Coping Mechanisms: […]

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